The Foundation for the Graduate Institute of International Relations and Development Studies was created in 2007 to manage the Institute. It is a private foundation that receives subsidies from the Swiss Confederation and the Canton of Geneva to fulfill its public service mandate. The foundation is made up of the Foundation Board and the leadership of the Institute.


The Foundation Board

The Foundation Board is composed of independent individuals appointed by the Swiss Federal Council and the State Council of the Canton of Geneva. Relations between the Foundation and public authorities are governed by a Convention that sets out quadrennial goals (2017–2020); it also determines the subsidies to be given and the objectives to be achieved.



The Institute is led by the Director, who is responsible for academic affairs, administrative and financial management, and the development of the Institute.

The Institute’s leadership is supported by an:


Academic Leadership


Andrea Bianchi

Director of Studies


David Sylvan

Director of Research


Professor Cédric Dupont

Director of Executive Education


Management Team


Bruno Chatagnat

Administrative Director


Jacqueline Coté

Public Relations Director


Claudia Saviaux Druliolle

Human Resources Director