International Geneva



Alongside New York, Geneva is the main centre of international governance. It is the European headquarters of the United Nations and the most active location in the world in multilateral diplomacy. Today it hosts 30 international organisations, 250 international non-governmental organisations and 172 states represented by a permanent mission. The international sector in Geneva employs some 28,330 people.

The issues focused on in Geneva cover the world’s principal sectors and the major challenges of global governance: humanitarian action, trade, human rights, the environment and sustainable development, training and education, peacekeeping and security, intellectual property, nuclear research, health, telecommunications and labour.

Also active near International Geneva are an important number of multinational companies, financial and commodity trading companies as well as a high concentration of other corporations with international reach.

The Institute shares strong ties with all these actors, and with international institutions outside Geneva. For its public events and teaching, the Institute regularly welcomes the heads of major international organisations and multinational companies. Its research centres and programmes cooperate on many levels with experts from international institutions. Thanks to this collaboration, the Institute’s students benefit from numerous internship, job and networking opportunities, which allow them to make useful contacts for their international careers, whether in the public sector, the private sector or the non-profit sector.