Supporting Foundations

The Institute is supported by two foundations which share its values and are dedicated to its development. Those foundations have a non-profit status and donations to them are tax-exempt to varying degrees depending on national legislation.



The “Fondation pour l’étude des relations internationales en Suisse” (Foundation for the Study of International Relations in Switzerland) was established in 1957 by Jacques Freymond to raise capital and manage funds independently from the Institute, but in its interest.

Its Foundation Board comprises, in addition to the director of the Institute, Mr Philippe Burrin (with no voting rights), two representatives from the Institute’s Foundation Board, Mr Jacques Forster and Ms Beth Krasna, as well as one member of the Alumni Association Committee, Mr Jason Shellaby, and two coopted members:

  • Maria Cattaui – chair
  • Jean-Pierre Roth
  • Jürg Witmer


Friends of the Graduate Institute, Geneva, Inc.

Created in 2010 to support the Institute’s projects, this foundation succeeded Feris America and ensures, like its predecessor, the tax-exempt status of the donations.

Its foundation board is composed of:

  • Richard Thoman – chair
  • Allen Lynch – treasurer
  • Paul Mathieu
  • Irene Miller
  • Brad Smith
  • Sherry Stephenson
  • Philippe Burrin, Director of the Institute – ex officio member