The Edgar de Picciotto
International Prize

The Edgar de Picciotto International Prize was created as a tribute and token of thanks to Mr Edgar de Picciotto. With their donation of CHF 20 million which has enabled us to finance a considerable part of the Student House, Mr de Picciotto and his family have greatly supported and participated in the realisation of our mission by facilitating the hosting of students coming from all over the world.

The Edgar de Picciotto International Prize, awarded every two years and worth CHF 100,000, is intended to reward an internationally renowned academic whose research has contributed to enhancing the understanding of global challenges and whose work has influenced policy-makers.

After Amartya Sen, 1998 Nobel Prize for economics, Saul Friedländer, 2008 Pulitzer Prize, and Paul Krugman, 2008 Nobel Prize for economics, the 2018 Edgar de Picciotto International Prize is awarded to Joan Wallach Scott, Emerita Professor at the Institute for Advanced in Princeton, New Jersey.


Joan Wallach Scott and Beth Krasna, Vice-President of the Institute's Foundation Board

Joan Wallach Scott