Return Migration and Social Economic Development

2015 Advancing Development Goals International Contest for students

The 2015 edition of the contest was on Return Migration and Social Economic Development. The three teams selected publicly defended their projects on 12 October in front of a jury chaired by Ambassador Jenö Staehelin and composed of Maria Luisa Silva, Svetozar Rajak and Panu Poutvaara. After the keynote speech given by Ambassador William Lacy Swing, Director General of the International Organization for Migration, Mr Kofi Annan, patron of the contest, presented the prizes to the teams:

First prize

Assisting the Reintegration of Philippine Return Migrants through Mobile Technology




Second Prize

Vital Networks: Extending the Agency of Return Migrant Health Workers




Third Prize

The Ethics of Remitting: Building a Normative Framework for the Inclusion of Remittances in Policy Discussions on Migration and Development




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