The Edgar and Danièle de Picciotto Student House

«A place to live and come together, promoting the values of hospitality, exchange of ideas and openness to the world; values dear to the spirit of Geneva.» Edgar de Picciotto

Maison des étudiants Edgar et Danièle de Picciotto

Located at the gates of Geneva by the railway lines, the Edgar et Daniele de Picciotto Student House accommodates 255 people in 135 living spaces, of which 72 are studios and 63 apartments. In a city where accommodation can be expensive and difficult to find, it provides a convenient housing solution for the Institute’s students and visiting professors.

The Student House is built above the Sécheron Park+Ride commuter parking facility and is connected to the Maison de la paix by a road and tram bridge, as well as by a new footbridge built by the City of Geneva. This enables students to reach the library and classrooms on foot in minutes and is a part of a new walking and cycling route that stretches from the shores of Lake Geneva to the Place des Nations and beyond.

Construction of the Student House was largely financed with a generous donation from Mr Edgar de Picciotto and his family, as well as by the Loterie Romande.

The Student House was inaugurated on 11 September 2012.