Working Papers

Papers that are available in Working Paper format on the web


"Too Much Finance?", with Enrico Berkes and Ugo Panizza, IMF Working Paper WP/12/161 [pdf]

"Aid, Peasants, and Social Exclusion," with N. Wagner, HEIDWP10-2011 [pdf]

"Landmines," with A.-S. Rodella Boitreau and M. Rieger, HEIDWP06-2011 [pdf]

"Parental Height and the Sex Ratio," with M. Rieger, HEIDWP05-2011 [pdf]

"Weak Governments and Trade Agreements," with M. Olarreaga and L. Zoratto, CEPR DP No. 8595 [pdf]

"Conflict, Ideology and Foreign Aid,"  with A. Bah and J. Labonne, CERDI Working Paper No. 2010.21 [pdf]

"Institutions, mobilization and rebellion in post-colonial societies," with J.-P. Tranchant, MPRA Paper 19648 [pdf]

"Who Would Benefit from Simplifying the Tax Code? Frank Knight and Gustave Choquet Meet the Internal Revenue Service," with K. Bloomquist and G. Rota-Graziosi, CERDI Working Paper No. 2006.35 [pdf]

"The Making of a President: Political Party, Ethnicity, or Village," with L. Bassole and J.-P. Tranchant, CERDI Working Paper No. 2006.33 [pdf]

"Testing for Separation in Agricultural Household Models and Unobservable Household-Specific Effects," with B. d'Hombres, CERDI Working Paper No. 2006.32 [pdf]

"Pessimism, Optimism, and Credit Rationing," CERDI Working Paper No. 2006.20 [pdf]

"Explaining Productivity Differentials in Eastern European Agriculture: Efficiency or Class Structure ?" with D. Borodak, CERDI Working Paper No. 2006.12 [pdf]

"Does Community-Driven Development Work? Evidence from Senegal," with L. Bassole, CERDI Working Paper No. 2006.06 [pdf]

"Errors in Variables and the Empirics of Economic Growth," with M. Dagenais, CERDI Working Paper No. 2005.36 [pdf]

"Instrument Choice and the Returns to Education: New Evidence from Vietnam," with B. d'Hombres and P. Gyselinck, CERDI Working Paper No. 2004.22 [pdf]

"Explaining the Negative Coefficient Associated with Human Capital in Augmented Solow Growth Regressions," with B. d'Hombres, CERDI Working Paper No. 2002.27 [pdf]

"Are Policy Reform and Growth in Africa Sustainable?" with P. Guillaumont and S. Guillaumont Jeanneney, CERDI Working Paper No. 2001.05 [pdf]

"Is Adverse Selection Relevant? Spence-Mirlees Meets the Tunisian Peasant," with M. Rambonilaza, CERDI Working Paper No. 1999.23 [pdf]

"Ethnicity, Communication and Growth," with P. Guillaumont and S. Guillaumont Jeanneney, CERDI Working Paper No. 1999.22 [pdf]

"Capital humain, productivité agricole, et travail féminin : variables latentes et séparabilité dans les modèles de ménage," with C. Araujo and C. Araujo Bonjean, CERDI Working Paper No. 1999.12 [pdf]

"Class position and Economic Behavior in a Tunisian Village: Selective Separability in a Multi-Factor Household Model," with J. Conning, CERDI Working Paper No. 1999.11 [pdf]