Data and Code

Raw data, questionaires and reports used in "Matching in Community-Based Organizations," Journal of Development Economics 98(2), 2012, 203-219


The raw data and all ancillary materials (questionnaires, reports, etc.) corresponding to this paper are gathered in two self-extracting archives here (for Burkina Faso) and here (for Senegal).  I will post the code used to generate the results in the paper soon.

Data and code for "Deforestation and the Real Exchange Rate," Journal of Development Economics, 86(2), 2008, 242-262


The data and TSP code used in this paper is gathered in a self-extracting archive here.

Data and code for "Moral Hazard and Marshallian Efficiency: Evidence from Tunisia," Journal of Development Economics, 83(2), 2007, 411-445


The data and code for my 2007 Journal of Development Economics paper is gathered here.  At the time I worked in TSP (which had a nice matrix programming language). I have since moved on to R (I never liked Stata very much). Most of you probably don't know TSP, but given that you hopefully are quite literate in coding, I don't think you will have much trouble in following what is going on.

All of the data and TSP code used to generate the results in this paper are gathered here.  You can download all of the material in the form of a self-extracting [.exe] archive here.

I enclose the raw data.  There are three files, entitled:

    - SEP93951.TXT

    - SEP93952.TXT

    - SEP93953.TXT

All of my code.  There are three TSP files, entitled:

    - JDERevisionNaiveFinal.tsp

    - JDETFinalRevisionIVFinal.tsp

    - JDETFinalRevisionSUR.tsp

The output from that code, which yields all of the results that you find in the JDE paper, with the same filenames as the TSP code, but with a [.out] suffix.

I also include the "cleaned up" dataset entitled:

    - oulja_data.xls

This is generated a few pages into the "JDERevisionNaiveFinal.tsp" file by dint of a "write" command.

For those of you who want to play with the data, you might want to use that dataset as a starting point, but I thought, in the interests of transparency, that I might as well show you where it came from. All of the code and output files should open in any text editor.