Courses and calendar

The academic year at the Graduate Institute consists of two semesters, each 14 weeks long.

Courses run over one semester. Each course generally meets over  the 14 weeks, for 2 hours each week. The typical course load is 5 courses each semester; you can therefore expect to have at least 10 class hours each week.

In some cases, students attend additional weekly tutorials.

Most courses require a large amount of reading, individual or group research, papers and other types of preparation before each weekly class.

Class attendance is mandatory; instructors expect absences to be notified in advance. In many courses, a significant portion of the grade is based on the quality of class participation. Students are required to come prepared for each class and are encouraged to engage actively and critically with the academic material.

Each course bears 6 ECTS.

Exams usually take place during the last week of classes and can be either sit-in or take-home exams.

Class size varies between introductory lectures and specialised seminars. On average, there are about 20 students in each course, providing numerous opportunities to interact with the professor.


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