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Globalization has changed traditional ways of conceptualizing and organizing the medical, economic, political, and technological means to improve health. The rise of health as a foreign policy concern reflects this development and the challenge of moving toward a new global social contract for health. Global health diplomacy can be seen as a process of social involvement of a wide array of actors at different levels of governance. If well conducted, this process leads to better population health outcomes for all countries.

For this purpose global health diplomacy seeks to position health in foreign policy negotiations with the aim of creating new forms of governance that either stimulate progress within the global health system (global health governance) or help to improve health through the actions of actors in other global policy-making arenas (global governance for health). The general overviews presented here take this two-fold governance challenge into account when describing the intersectoral and interdisciplinary nature of global health diplomacy as well as discussing its value base. They are only exemplary of the extensive literature that is now available in this field.