States of Fragility: The consequences of stabilization for humanitarian action

Principal CollaboratorRobert Muggah

Project Description

The stabilisation and humanitarian practice project was a comparative assessment of the discourse, practice and outcomes of stabilisation interventions and humanitarian action in multiple countries. Coordinated by CCDP research fellow Dr. Robert Muggah, the project ran from 2010 to 2012 with support from the Folke Bernadotte Academy. Undertaken in collaboration with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in the UK, case studies on stabilisation interventions were carried out in Afghanistan, Burundi, Colombia, Haiti, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Timor-Leste, Yemen and elsewhere with internationally recognised regional experts.

The project generated a Special Edition of the Journal Disasters in late 2010 and an edited volume published in 2013. It was also designed to foster a wider network of experts on security sector reform (SSR), humanitarian action and counter-insurgency issues.


A workshop on "Stabilisation, Integration and Humanitarian Action- Lessons for the UN" was held at the Ford Foundation, in New York, in December 2010. Click for more information on the workshop rationale, the participants or the program

A workshop on "States of Fragility: the Consequences of Stabilisation on Humanitarian Action" was hosted by the CCDP in May 2010, and a report outlining the proceedings of the workshop was published.

Following the workshop, a working paper was written by Sarah Collinson, Samir Elhawary, and Robert Muggah and published by the Overseas Development Institute. The paper is available on the website of the ODI. Click here to read it.


The project team (Robert Muggah, Sarah Collinson, and Samir Elhawary) edited a special issue of Disasters. The issue, focused on states of fragility, enquires into the interest of various actors in 'stabilising' conflict-affected contexts and its implications on humanitarianism. Click on the cover for more details.

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States of fragility: stabilisation and its implications for humanitarian action

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Chapter Two: Stabilising Fragile States and the Humanitarian Space

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