Executive Course on Health Diplomacy and Humanitarian Space



(to be updaed for the course 2018)



Effective humanitarian health responses in disasters, conflict, and health crisis situations require practical skills and an applied understanding of humanitarian health diplomacy principles and actions. Health interventions in the humanitarian space involve engaging in multiple levels and fora of diplomacy and therefore necessitate an awareness of the relevant systems and methods of humanitarian health diplomacy involved. Through this, the humanitarian space can be widened in order to address humanitarian imperatives through direct health interventions.

The field of humanitarian health diplomacy is an emerging one, representing an evolving paradigm of theory and practice not limited to the juxtaposition between humanitarian diplomacy and global health diplomacy. Indeed, the importance of health diplomacy is increasingly recognised at the practitioner, academic, and institutional levels for its interface with foreign policy, its use in fostering relationships, and ultimately, its ability to influence the humanitarian space. The humanitarian landscape is constantly changing due to new challenges, actors, and situations and therefore, practitioners must learn and adapt their skills and competencies as ‘humanitarian health diplomats’ in order to maximise the efficacy of future humanitarian health responses.