Thursday 06 December 2018 - Friday 07 December 2018

Is the Transition Over?

In partnership with IWM

Maison de la paix, Geneva

“Transition” has become a convenient trope, or “buzzword”, expressing both uncertainty and hope. Almost 30 years after the fall of communism, countries of the former Soviet bloc are still sometimes referred to as “in transition”. The colour revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa have engendered what is hopefully referred to here as a transition towards regimes more in keeping with Western norms. In India, state capitalism appears to be giving way to a liberal or neo-liberal understanding of capitalism. In China, after decades of austerity an exuberant economy seems to be slowing down without putting into question an authoritarian regime. But is the transition over?

Organised under the scientific responsibility of Professor Andre Liebich as part of the Institute’s cooperation programme with the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation.