Saturday 01 April 2017, 15:15 - 16:45

Conversions and Beliefs

Festival Histoire et Cité

Auditorium A2
Maison de la paix, Geneva

  • Yvan Droz, Senior Lecturer, Anthropology and Sociology of Development, The Graduate Institute, Geneva
  • Yonatan N. Gez, Lecturer, Hebrew University
  • Henri Gooren, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Oakland University
  • Ruth Marshall, Associate Professor, Departments for the Study of Religion and Political Science, University of Toronto

We often think about religious mobility in ideal terms of a dramatic conversion experience motivated by a spiritual change of heart. However, religious mobility can be much more subtle, dynamic, and multidirectional, and may include combinations of practices borrowed from different traditions. Does conversion necessarily entail a change of (theological) belief system? To paraphrase one scholar, can we speak of “converting without believing”?

This round table is part of the "Histoire et Cité Festival" on  "Croire, faire croire" organised by the University of Geneva’s Maison de l’histoire in collaboration with the Graduate Institute.



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