Global Governance Centre

The Global Governance Centre combines expertise from across the Graduate Institute’s academic disciplines and undertakes innovative research on global governance. The Centre provides a forum for scholars of governance and international organisations to interact with practitioners from the policy world to analyse global governance arrangements across a variety of issues.

The Centre’s other core activities include a visiting programme, a seminar series for scholars and practitioners, and publications.

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29 June 2018

North Korea-Iran nuclear negotiations: what you really need to...

Since our last webinar, President Trump withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The idea of this plan was for the international community to help Iran develop economically, in exchange...

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Dr. Ben Williamson and Dr. Radhika Gorur discuss the outcomes of the symposium "Technologies of Expertise as Technologies of Authorization", co-organised by the Graduate Institute's Global Governance Centre, NORRAG, and co-sponsered by SNF.


Dr. Cecilia Cannon, Visiting Lecturer in International Affairs, provides an overview of the SNF funded project UN Reform and Effectiveness
What Types of Reform Enhance an International Organisation’s Effectiveness?