Global Governance Centre

The Global Governance Centre combines expertise from across the Graduate Institute’s academic disciplines and undertakes innovative research on global governance. The Centre provides a forum for scholars of governance and international organisations to interact with practitioners from the policy world to analyse global governance arrangements across a variety of issues.

The Centre’s other core activities include a visiting programme, a seminar series for scholars and practitioners, and publications.

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04 March 2019

UN Sanctions and Mediation: Establishing Evidence to Inform Practice

The United Nations Sanctions and Mediation Project (SMP) has published its final report entitled “UN Sanctions and Mediation: Establishing Evidence to Inform Practice”.  Based on an 18-month policy research...

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Prof Thomas Biersteker explains how mediation and United Nations sanctions are two essential policy instruments used by the UN in its efforts to prevent and resolve conflict. The "United Nations Sanctions and Mediation Project (SMP)" is a joint project - with United Nation University (UNU) and SwissPeace - funded by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA).


In the SNF funded research project, Prof Nico Krisch provides an overview of international law changes and how the pathways of change differ across issue areas and sites of international legal practice.